• Akhaltskha’s Mariam Harutyunyan becomes Armenia’s best student
    Akhaltskha’s Mariam Harutyunyan becomes Armenia’s best student
    The RA Ministry of Education and Science summed up the results of its Best Student nation-wide competition yesterday.

    RA Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan greeted the students and granted their awards. The annual competition also serves as a way for the government to reveal and encourage the best students and help them grow as professionals.

    The students passed two stages. The first was held within universities. Each university had submitted to the RA Ministry of Education and Science the documents of the winner of the first stage from the Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Programs, according to spheres.

    The second stage was held by a commission established upon the executive order of the RA Minister of Education and Science. The competition was held in the following areas: natural science, medicine, humanities, social studies, engineering, Armenology, culture/sports.

    To win the competition, the students of various universities had to not only have outstanding performance and be socially active, but also be involved in academics.

    This year, there were participants from 18 universities. One of the winners of the competition is 2nd-year Master’s student of the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics at Yerevan State University Mariam Harutyunyan, who is from Akhaltskha. She was awarded with a certificate and a one-time nominal scholarship set by the RA Minister of Education and Science a...
  • Akhaltskha celebrated St. Sarkis the Warrior Day
    Akhaltskha celebrated St. Sarkis the Warrior Day
    On February 11, the Armenian Apostolic Church is celebrating the day of Saint Sarkis the Warrior, His Son, Mardiros and the 14 soldiers.

    Every year, the faithful of Akhaltskha region travel nearly 4 kilometers to visit the St. Sarkis the Warrior Chapel, which is located next to the Holy Cross Church in Sazel village. The holiday is especially a joyful holiday for young Armenians who very often head towards the St. Sarkis the Warrior Chapel in groups and with their classmates, and this has been a folk ritual in Akhaltskha for a long time now.

    On the occasion, a Holy Mass was served, and the celebrant was pastor of Akhaltskha and the nearby villages, Fr. Priest Torgom Vardanyan at Holy Cross Church in the Sazel village of Akhaltskha.

    His Holiness and Fr. Torgom interpreted the symbol of the day for the faithful and congratulated them.

    At the end of the Holy Mass, Spiritual Superintendent of Akhaltskha, Fr. Friar Hakob Sahakyan and the celebrant performed the blessing of youth.
  • Lebanese-Armenians visited House-Museum of Jivani
    Lebanese-Armenians visited House-Museum of Jivani
    Despite the cold winter, the House-Museum of Jivani continues to host visitors and convey the warmth that was characteristic of the troubadour. Today, it is a pleasure to state that there are visitors from quite a lot of countries around the world.
    Lebanese-Armenians recently visited the House-Museum of Jivani in Kartsakh. During their visit, they mentioned the following: “We were very impressed with the museum in Kartsakh where the items were sorted properly, interestingly and meticulously. The life of Jivani was presented in a very interesting way. We received great explanations and got to know Jivani up close. We hope many people visit this museum,” writes javakhkmedia.com.

    The guests left with great impressions and promised to return with a larger group in the spring.
  • Vardges Surenyants’s house in Akhaltskha on sale
    Vardges Surenyants’s house in Akhaltskha on sale
    The house of great Armenian painter Vardges Surenyants in Akhaltskha is on sale. According to the homeowner, he has preserved the former look of Vardges Surenyants’s house and has not renovated it since he still believes there will be people who will want to purchase Surenyants’s house and turn it into a museum.

    Vardges Surenyants’s house has five medium-size rooms and a small garden in the back of the house. Currently, the house is on sale for $90,000 dollars.

    On August 1, 2009, a plaque dedicated to the memory of great Armenian painter Vardges Surenyants was unveiled on the wall of the painter’s house in Akhaltskha.

    The event dedicated to the painter’s 150th birth anniversary and the unveiling of the plaque were organized by businessman Sos Sahakyan, who lives in Armenia and is originally from Akhaltskha.

    Vardges Surenyants was born in 1860 to a family of a clergyman in Akhaltskha. He received his primary education at the Lazaryan College, after which he continued his studies in the department of architecture of the highly reputable school for painting, sculpting and architecture in Moscow. He started pursuing his career as a painter at the imperial academy in Munich.

    Knowing ten languages, Surenyants also studied the arts and literature of different nations. According to his contemporaries, he would recite the poems of Persian poets Hafez and Khayam, translate the works of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde,...
  • Public discourse on Akhaltskha’s budget for the year 2017
    Public discourse on Akhaltskha’s budget for the year 2017
    Representatives of the city council of Akhaltskha participated in the discussion on the city’s budget for the year 2017. Among the representatives of Armenia organizations were the founder of the Democratic Union of Nations of Georgia Ashot Kavaleryan and Director of the Media Analysis Center of Samtskhe-Javakhk Eduard Ayvazyan.

    The discussion began with a speech by Head of the Sacrebulo of Akhaltskha Davit Lomidze. “The regional development foundation has allocated 2,250,000 Laris and has distributed the funds to solve issues in various sectors, including infrastructure projects and social programs. As far as the sacrebulo’s budget is concerned, we reduced it by 126,000 Laris and immediately allocated it for the implementation of infrastructural projects,” head of the city council Davit Lomidze.

    After being introduced to the draft of the city’s budget, the participants of the meeting expressed their views on the budget. The attendees said it would be nice, if the city solved the issues related to stray dogs, public restrooms, the renovation of the local cultural center, public transportation and the wrongly placed road signs.

    According to Davit Lomidze, the budget for the year 2017 in Akhaltskha will make up nearly 7,900,000 Laris. According to the draft, administrative expenditures have been reduced by 798,200 Laris.
Assembly of Tbilisi Armenians collecting 1915 symbolic signatures to appeal to Georgian President
Assembly of Tbilisi Armenians collecting 1915 symbolic signatures to appeal to Georgian President
Assembly of Tbilisi Armenians (ATA) is collecting 1915 symbolic signatures to urge the Georgian President, parliament Speaker, all parliamentarians as well as all leading Georgian political parties to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

The action will continue until April 18. ATA representatives will give the letters to the addressees on Monday, ATA press service reported.

ATA unites several NGOs: Union of Armenian Veterans of Georgia, Association for Protection of Rights of Armenians in Georgia, Forum of Participants of Pan-Armenian Games, Public Council on Education, Nor Serund Union of Armenian Youth of Georgia, as well as representative ... »»»
St. Gevorg of Akhaltsikhe region was re-consecrated
St. Gevorg of Akhaltsikhe region was re-consecrated
On the 8th of April the church of St. Gevorg located in Tsira village of the Akhaltsikhe region was re-consecrated by the leader of Armenian Diocese of Georgia bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan. In the end the First Divine Liturgy was served.
The guests were warmly met by the Armenian youth, educational- cultural center’s pupils, who performed national dances and songs.

At the end the oblation was made for the presents.

The restoration works of the church began in the 1990s. On behalf of organizational works of Levon Matosyan the restoration of the church reached a new active stage since 2007.
Protest for the defense of the Armenians in Javakhq
Protest for the defense of the Armenians in Javakhq
Today the New National Conservative Movement will hold a demonstration in front of the UN office in Armenia, for the defense of the Armenians in Javakhq. And on this concern they will hand a letter to the representation of the UN in Armenia.

"Today, not only the Armenian authorities but also the international community should protest for preventing the violations of human rights realized by the Georgian frontiersmen against the Armenian inhabitants. They, particularly, forbid passing books, literature, press and journals written in Armenian language to Javakhq,” the statement issued ... »»»
Events dedicated to memory of Sumgayit massacres victims organized in Tbilisi
Events dedicated to memory of Sumgayit massacres victims organized in Tbilisi
On the occasion of the anniversary of Sumgayit massacres Ambassador of Armenia to Georgia Hrach Silvanian, leader of the Georgian Armenian Diocese of Armenian Apostolic Church Archbishop Vazgen Mirzakhanian, heads of Armenian organizations of Georgia, many Georgian Armenians visited Khojevank Pantheon of Armenian writers and public figures where on behalf of the Armenian Embassy they laid a wreath to the memorial for Armenian victims.
Those present stood in a one-minute silence to commemorate the memory of victims of Sumgayit Armenian massacres.
A classical music concert didicated to the memory of Sumgayit massacres victims took place in the evening the same day at Tbilisi Petros Adamian State Dramatic Armenian Theater. Young Georgian Armenian musi ... »»»
Meetings before local self-government elections
Meetings before local self-government elections
A meeting with a representative of the organizations Association of Young Lawyers of Georgia, Fair Elections and International Democracy Society took place on February 21 at the office of Akhaltskha House of Culture. Various strata representing Armenian population of Akhaltskha: representatives of NGOs, students, pensioners were invited at the meeting.

The goal of the meeting organizers was before the local self-government elections to be informed of society's problems, at the end of which the organizations are going to present them to all parties functioning in the country.

Unemployment proved to be the main problem of Akhaltskha's Armenian population. Those present mentioned that its reason is mainly ethnic discrimination because it is Armenians who are mainly unemplo ... »»»
PM Sargsyan Kicks-Off Vahan Teryan Commemorations
PM Sargsyan Kicks-Off Vahan Teryan Commemorations
RoA Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan officially launched the commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of poet Vahan Teryan, by visiting the Komitas Pantheon in Yerevan and placing a wreath at the writer’s memorial. The Prime Minister was accompanied by government officials, writers and other dignitaries.

PM Sargsyan heads the commemorative committee entrusted with organizing a variety of events this year to honour the great poet.

Hayk Sanosyan – Georgian Attitude to Armenian Churches “Stalin-Like”
Hayk Sanosyan – Georgian Attitude to Armenian Churches “Stalin-Like”
Hayk Sanosyan, President of the "Georgia Armenian Unity” organization, said today that that Armenian churches in Georgia would only recive official legal status with the mediation of the Holy See of Etchmiadzin.

"Our church must explore new avenues and relations so that we can resolve this problem,” he stated at a press conference. When asked if the parliaments of the two nations would have to intervene as well, Mr. Sanosyan answered that each Armenian should raise the issue as well as various government bodies.

Mr. Sanosyan likened the neglect of the Georgian authorities regarding Armenian cultural and religious monuments to a "Stalinist-Beria” mindset that has always existed in Georgia. As a result, he noted that churches had been destroyed or used for storage, and that schools had been closed.

Mr. Sanosyan has ready with statistics as well to back up his views ... »»»
The announcement
The announcement
Dear citizens of Akhaltskha! Three teenagers died on the 22nd of November because of the car accident on the way to Tavarni, one of the suburbs of Akhaltsikhe; they are: Petros Petrosyan, Manuchar Maxatadze, and Davit Gasparyan. Two more teenagers, who were in the same car accident, Tsolak Balasanyan and Ashot Sapondjyan, are seriously injured. There is a need of a big amount of money for Tsolak Balasanyan's surgery, because his family is not available to pay for it. We already have a certain amount of money, but it is not enough for serious surgeries. So I want to ask everybody who is available to help Tsolak Balasanyan's family with money, contact with the following phone numbers: 8-10-99595913746 or +99595913746
Always your prayer- priest Ter Manuk Zeynalyan.
&n ... »»»
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