Vardges Surenyants’s house in Akhaltskha on sale
The house of great Armenian painter Vardges Surenyants in Akhaltskha is on sale. According to the homeowner, he has preserved the former look of Vardges Surenyants’s house and has not renovated it since he still believes there will be people who will want to purchase Surenyants’s house and turn it into a museum.

Vardges Surenyants’s house has five medium-size rooms and a small garden in the back of the house. Currently, the house is on sale for $90,000 dollars.

On August 1, 2009, a plaque dedicated to the memory of great Armenian painter Vardges Surenyants was unveiled on the wall of the painter’s house in Akhaltskha.

The event dedicated to the painter’s 150th birth anniversary and the unveiling of the plaque were organized by businessman Sos Sahakyan, who lives in Armenia and is originally from Akhaltskha.

Vardges Surenyants was born in 1860 to a family of a clergyman in Akhaltskha. He received his primary education at the Lazaryan College, after which he continued his studies in the department of architecture of the highly reputable school for painting, sculpting and architecture in Moscow. He started pursuing his career as a painter at the imperial academy in Munich.

Knowing ten languages, Surenyants also studied the arts and literature of different nations. According to his contemporaries, he would recite the poems of Persian poets Hafez and Khayam, translate the works of William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, read reports in Italian, write the prefaces for books in German, talk to migrants having escaped the Turks’ massacres in all the dialects of the Armenian language and joke with his friend Ilya Repin in Russian. Upon his return from Munich, Surenyants participated in the scientific expedition towards Persia.

Surenyants lived and worked abroad, but he was soulfully linked to his nation in his entire essence. He shared the nation’s fate and conveyed the nation’s thoughts and emotions.