Youth Center of Akhaltskha marked 50th anniversary of Petros Ghevondyan (Peto)
January 30th marked the 50th anniversary of hero of the Artsakh liberation struggle, one of the best fighters of the national liberation struggle in Artsakh Petros Ghevondyan (Peto). On this occasion, the Armenian Youth Educational and Cultural Center of Akhaltskha held a film screening and lecture devoted to the brave Armenian.

The students of the Youth Center’s History Club watched the documentary "Sincere Heroes” and listened to a lecture that introduced them to the heroic episodes of Peto and his friends.

The youth were deeply touched and were encouraged.

Petros Ghevondyan was born on January 30, 1964 in Proshyan village of Nairi region of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. Ghevondyan was an active participant of the mass protests and disturbances that were on the rise in Armenia during the Karabakh movement.

But when everything became centered on "Freedom Island”, he went to Artsakh as a volunteer. He and his battalion participated in the liberation of dozens of residences of Shahumyan, Martakert, Martuni and Hadrut  regions, the military operation to eliminate the enemy’s strongholds in Kelbajar.

The deputy commander of the separate battalion in Shushi not only worked on, but also carried out the difficult plan to liberate the Omar mountain pass safely.

Petros Ghevondyan died on February 14, 1994 in Kelbajar. He had just turned 30.

In 1996, he was posthumously awarded the Combat Cross Medal by the NKR. That same year, he was posthumously awarded the Valiance Medal by the Republic of Armenia, after which he was awarded the "Golden Eagle” Medal after having received the title of "Hero of Artsakh”. The middle schools of Proshyan and Yeghegnut have been named after the freedom fighter-graduate of the Faculty of Radiophysic at Yerevan State University. In 2007, the Petros Ghevondyan Classroom was opened at Ghevondyan’s Faculty.