Youth center of Akhaltskha hosts event dedicated to International Mother Language Day
The Armenian Youth Educational and Cultural Center of Akhaltskha hosted a beautiful event dedicated to International Mother Language Day on February 21.

Among those attending the event were ARS Georgia Chairwoman Karine Tadevosyan, President of the Vahram Gaifejyan Union of Creators Alexander Igitkhanyan, as well as Abbot, Father Hakob Sahakyan and Spiritual Pastor of Akhaltskha, Father Yeghishe.

During the event, the members of the youth center recited several poems devoted to the Armenian language wearing badges portraying the Forget Me Not flower, which is the symbol of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

The youth also performed various songs and dances.

Director of the Center Nanuli Hakobyan expressed her deep gratitude to the guests attending the event and said the Armenian language has helped protect the Armenians throughout the centuries and has helped them survive the Genocide and preserve their national identity.

ARS Georgia Chairwoman Karine Tadevosyan said the Youth Center of Akhaltskha has always organized very beautiful events and has always maintained Armenian culture at a high level.

Alexander Igitkhanyan and Father Yeghishe expressed their gratitude to the event organizers.

The event included the presentation of a painting dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide by member of the Vahram Gaifejyan Union of Creators Hakob Kolyan.