Youth Center of Akhalkalak celebrated the 24th anniversary of the Armenian Army
January 28th is one of the most brilliant days in our reality since it marks the day of Armenian soldiers and the Armenian Army. We Armenians have dreamed of having an army that will defend our state, and today, that is no longer a dream. The declaration of independence of 1990, which was a signal of Armenia’s de facto independence, opened new perspectives for the creation of the National Army.

On 28 January 1992, the Government of the Republic of Armenia passed the already historic decision “On the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia”, which signaled the formation of the Armenian National Army.

With the calling of the native land, hundreds of Armenian officers, who had been serving in different military units of the Soviet Army until then, returned to Armenia.

Javakhk also actively participated in the national struggle of the Armenian people. Hundreds of Armenians of Javakhk sacrificed their lives for the independence of Artsakh, and their names and endeavors will be praised and will go down in the pages of the history that will be written in the future. Today, the members of the Youth Center of Akhalkalak reflected on three of those Armenians, including Artur Gharibyan, Misak Adamyan and Heghine Bdoyan.

In groups, the members beautifully presented their lives and endeavors and performed patriotic songs.

Today, the Armenian Army is marking its 24th anniversary, and this is a celebration for all Armenians. It serves as a good opportunity to realize that if each of us supports the Armenian Army, it will become stronger.