Residents of Kulikam village hold torch-lit march in memory of Armenian Genocide victims
On April 23 at 19:00, at the initiative of the young teachers of the school in Kulikam village of Javakhk, the youth and schoolchildren of the village came together and participated in a torch-lit march commemorating the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

With signs and the national flags of Georgia and Armenia, the youth and schoolchildren moved from the recently unveiled cross-stone towards the local church where the bells rang 100 times at 19:15 and the Turkish flag was burned. The participants of the march said a prayer at the church, after which some headed towards Akhalkalak to take part in the torch-lit march there.

Starting from 21:00, the youth burned more than 200 wheels with the number “100” written on them at the peak of a high mountain as a sign of the centuries-old history of the Armenian people following the Armenian Genocide…

Tatev Kobelyan

Kulikam, Javakhk

Javakhk Media