Javakhk representative speaking in the Parliament of Georgia urged to follow the example of the German Bundestag
Today, 8th of June, a few hours earlier the representative from Akhalkalak region Samvel Petrosyan spoke in the Parliament of Georgia. His speech was devoted to the adoption by the German Bundestag the resolution on the Armenian Genocide. Javakhk MP also called on other countries, including Georgia, to follow the example of Germany. Here is the complete text of the speech:

Dear colleagues,

June 2 of this year, the German Bundestag adopted a resolution and condemned the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.

I would like from this high tribune to sincerely thank the German Bundestag and the German people for an objective approach to the events of 100 years ago and to the restoration of historical justice.

Also, I call upon all democratic countries, including Georgia, that have not yet recognized the Genocide, to follow the example of Germany and many countries that recognize and condemn the Armenian Genocide, and thus prevent a similar crime to other peoples.

Thank you.

S. Petrosyan is the member of the Parliament of Georgia since October 1, 2012. Before that, he held administrative positions, including being a prefect of Akhalkalak region from November 11, 1991.