Event devoted to Georgian language held at Armenian school in Akhaltskha

On Apr. 25, Governor of Samtskhe-Javakheti Akaki Matchutadze, acting Gambebeli of Akhaltskha Malkhaz Zhuzhunadze, Deputy Gamgebeli Ashot Manasyan and other guests attended an event dedicated to the Georgian language at the Armenian school in Akhaltskha.

In the beginning, all the attendees respected the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 with a moment of silence.

During the event, the students recited poems and performed songs in Georgian and charmed the high-ranking guests.

The event created a positive atmosphere, made the attendees feel warm and proved once again that Armenians have good knowledge of the state language.

According to acting Gamgebeli of Akhaltskha Malkhaz Zhuzhunadze, the children presented their knowledge so cordially and in such pure Georgian that for a moment, he forgot that he was at an Armenian school and remembered his childhood. He also mentioned that this event showed the friendship between the Georgians and the Armenians, which is very good.

The event ended with a reception held on behalf of the school administration.