On December 26   a  New Year  concert  was organized  at the Akhaltskha Armenian  State Dramatic  Theatre by the Akhaltskha Armenian Youth Cultural and Educational  Centre. This concert was dedicated to the fourth  anniversary of the Centre. The concert  was  unique, because during the 4 years of functioning of the Centre , it was for the first time , that the children presented themselves to the great number of  audience. The city government ,  the leader of Georgian- Armenian episcopate , the Armenian Relief Society in Georgia, the Akhalkhalak Youth Centre  and other guests from Samtskhe- Javakhk   and Armenia had been invited to this event.
The concert started with the presentation of the two countries – Armenian  and Georgian State  flags under the national anthems, which was followed by the Lord’s Prayer. And the concert was opened.
At the opening ceremony of the concert  the director of the Youth Centre Veronika Hambaryan had a brief talk the functioning of the Centre during 4 years. The report was the following: " Dear  Ladies and Gentlemen, guests and audience. Today we will represent the result of the functioning of the Akhaltskha  Armenian Youth Educational and Cultural Centre  during 4 years.
First   I  want to express my great gratitude to the  Armenian Relief Society,  which helped us to organize this concert. The Armenian Relief Society celebrates its  100th  anniversary this year, and our congratulations to this Armenian devoted organization.
I would also like  to  express my gratitude to the Priest in Akhaltskha Father Tigran Mkhitaryan, who also helped  us to organize this concert.
  Now I would like to speak about our Centre  knowing that nearly all  citizens are aware of its functioning. Our Centre was founded in 2006. From the foundation the main aim of the Centre has been the protection  of Armenian saving. Our organization  co-operates with government and non-government organizations. During the years the number of pupils has increased and now about 250 pupils attend the Centre.
Owing  to the donor organizations of the Centre, the children attend the Centre and get free education .
Nowadays   the Centre has numerous aims and  goals to reach. Our wish is that every  Armenian children living in any part of the world could save  his language faith and culture.
 In spite of the fact, that the Centre is Armenian, there is not any kind of national and  religious discrimination.
The citizens of Akhaltskha  try to save our ancestors’ traditions and to strengthen the two nations’ relationship.
"Gohanamk”  song and dance ensemble of our Centre had a wish to be presented in national costumes, which with other musical instruments were  given  as a  gift from Armenian Republic Diaspora Government, but we could not deliver them because of the problem, which occurred on the border and we apologize for  that.’’
The  chairwoman of  Armenian Relief Society in Georgia Karine Hovhannisyan also had a presentation . First she expressed her deep gratitude for congratulations regarded the Armenian Relief Society 100th  anniversary then congratulated the Centre with 4 years of functioning.”
The speech was followed  by the appearance of  " Gohanamk” ensemble with folk dances      " Yarkhushta”,  "Gyovndververi”, "Ejmiatsin”,  "Fnjan”,  "Hayastan” and folk songs. At the end of the concert the children also presented Georgian  folk dances wishing to show, that  they also know Georgian national dances.
At the end of the concert Father Manuk Zeynalyan  conveyed sanctification and blessing of  the Leader of Georgian- Armenian episcopate the Bishop Vazgen Mirzakhanyan’s  to all Akhaltskha citizens and wished them  success, love and  unanimity.
The Akhaltskha former Priest  also made a speech, in  which he  mentioned the support of the Youth Centre in his service  period. Father Manuk Zeynalyan  conveyed the Virgin  Mary’s icon to Veronika Hambaryan , which was sent as a special gift by the Leader of  Georgian- Armenian episcopate. The audience gave their  former Priest  with a warm welcome.
The concert was finished  with the Father Tigran Mkhitaryan’s kind wish and prey. He also congratulated the pupils and all the staff of the Centre for the great concert and congratulated all the citizens with the coming  Ney Year and Christmas, wishing health, love and success to everybody.