An Armenian Smuggler Arrested in Georgia is Ready to Betray The Uranium Producers
The arrested citizen of the Republic of Armenia, that is accused for uranium selling in Georgia, is ready to name the uranium producers and suppliers in case his penalty is eased. "” declares about it by the reference to the "Commersant”.

It is not known yet whether the Georgian law enforcement authorities agreed on this bargain or no.

We should point out that the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Shota Utiashvili has declared that the office was aware of the person who had transmitted the uranium to the smugglers, but the source was not established.

At the same time the representative of the Ministry expressed confidence about the fact that the uranium had  been produced in Russia.

We should remind , that the president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili still declared about the arrest of the uranium sellers in Georgia in April of the current year, during the nuclear summit in Washington, but the details have not been published yet.

The details of this operation were published only in the beginning of November. The arrested people were the citizens of Armenia – Smbat Tonoyan and Hrant Ohanyan. They both supposed that the purchaser of 18 gr. of uranium was a representative of Islamic group, but he turned out to be a Georgian police secret officer.

In March they travelled by train from Armenia to Georgia carrying 89,4 % 18 gr. of uranium with them, which fitted for the producing of nuclear weapons.

It turned out that they had got this uranium from another Armenian citizen Garik Dadasyan, who had been arrested by the Armenian Republic law enforcements in April for the same accusation.

A lawsuit has been filed against Tonoyan and Ohanyan.

According to the information by the Georgian Ministry of the Internal Affairs, the trial will be finished soon.